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Manuscripts are accepted for consideration with understanding that they are represent original material and they are not being considered for publication elsewhere. The editors welcome the submission of relevant articles for editorial consideration (critical reviews, full length original papers, news and brief communications as well as case reports). Manuscripts and all scientific and professional data should be addressed to .


In developed counties, editors of scientific journal discuss concerns about scientific fraud, duplicate publication, multiple authors, interaction of scientific and lay publications, and tutoring the data . they may referee only less than 10-50% of what they receive in here we mostly discuss multiple authors, fragmented or redundant papers, and possibly in the future the content and message of the scientific papers. On top of that whether you can afford even publishing the issue on the absence of clean and stable budget.
Here we go again/ Era of uncertainty
Having research journal in this country may not have been needed on the absence of genuine Libyan based research that deserves to be published . but . enthusiastic people thought about research journal as being trigger to shed light on research , then to sensitize the public, and policy makers to get it established. Research on under developed countries seems to be impossible. But could that happen? Maybe In the early sixty J.F. Kennedy said that within ten years the USA was to lunch a man on the moon. In this time it was thought off as being impossible, he then got the right scientists and gave the authority and money to NASA. J.F. Kennedy was gone and NASA kept NASA kept going and widening in research project . in the seventies, R. Nixon stated that he was to work on getting "cure" for cancer over 10-20 years . Since then NIH, NCI etc have been working to get immense progression in cancer diagnosis, prevention and treatment. The public and its industry then followed to support and sponsor research . All these research agencies still report straight to the president.

Dr. Ragab Aoun
The Medical Research Unit, Sabratha

From General Director of National Medical Research Center.

We do appreciate work that can introduce, enhance and look for initiatives for some more, that is the goal of the center and subsidiaries allover Libya. The best of all is the some of research work that the journal is publishing, thanks to the editorial board and the chief, keep on the good work, we are yours and still goods to come...

Director of the N.M.R.C

Prof. Essam B. Abukhedir


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