Category: Volume 15, Issue 1, 2021
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Antimicrobial-resistant bacteria are becoming more serious danger to worldwide public health. As a result, the efficacy of traditional antimicrobials is fast falling, posing a threat to healthcare providers’ capacity to treat common infection. Bacterial infective diseases are an important reason of sickness and death globally. Several medicine resistances in human pathogenic microorganisms had develop because of undiscriminating custom of commercial anti-microbial medicines.
The main objective of the present study is, to evaluate the ability of the plants extract, to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria with and without antibiotics and non-antibiotics drugs. Also, to enhance the activity of antibiotics or non-antibiotics drugs against selective pathogenic bacteria, to investigate antibacterial effects of thyme crude extract (Tm), ginger crud extract (Gi), garlic crud extract (Ga) and acacia crud extract (AC) against Escherichia coli ( E.coli) and Staphylococcus aureus (S.aureus) and to investigate the ability of increasing the potency of Gentamycin antibiotic against E. coli and S. aureus by mixed with thyme crude extract (Tm), ginger crud extract (Gi), garlic crud extract (Ga) and acacia crud extract (AC).
Material and methods, in this study used gentamicin mixed with for types of crud extracts garlic, ginger, acacia, and thyme against two types of bacteria E. coli and S. aureus. Used disc diffusion method. Results found that three types had increasing the effect of gentamicin against S. aureus and had not affect against E. coli. Also, increased the potency of gentamicin against S. aureus when combined with garlic, thyme and acacia crud extracts.



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